Overview and Mission

Our mission is simple:

  • Work around customers' business.
  • Strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with customers' businesses to make them grow.
  • Not only as as IT services provider but a technology partner for customers.
The Greensboro Group was founded in 1988 in Hong Kong with the aim of leveraging and enhancing the latest technologies for new product applications. Its strong focus lies in the commercialization of technical products and solutions to bring new dimensions to the Hong Kong market where business consultation and technology integration services are desperately sought to cope with the rapid development. 
Our major business partners who have long been displaying support since day one of our operation are Open Text and Infor Pegasus. Greensboro has also been awarded the “Asia Pacific Best Distributor” by Open Text for nine consecutive years since 2002. 
Today, our esteemed customers cover corporations from the fields of Education, Financial, Logistic, Utilities and many departments of the Hong Kong Government. 
The Greensboro Group strives to be one of the leading companies in the industry to translate the advanced technologies into customers’ values through our professional services. Today, besides the headquarters in Hong Kong, we have set up offices located in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to serve the Greater China region.