The Emerging trend – configure versus customize

Documentum® D2 is a modern and easy-to-use content management client that is also highly configurable with a spreadsheet-like approach that enables users to define applications without the need for additional customization. Documentum D2 +Pack enhances and extends these powerful features to effectively manage documents stored in Documentum by applying and interfacing to standard and popular document processing capabilities.

Enterprises are constantly on the lookout for more effective ways to reduce their deployment and maintenance costs and raise their productivity levels in order to meet their most demanding business needs. Companies seek new ways of managing their enterprise content more efficiently, effectively processing the information, and thereby helping their customers make better business decisions. Thus, users need flexible and intuitive content management tools that can address changing business needs without having to fully customize their business applications.

Documentum D2 Premium is an easy-to-use application that provides an intuitive user experience for Documentum paired with a robust and easy way to create and deliver Enterprise Content Management solutions, faster than ever before through configuration— not customization. Documentum D2 +Pack provides extensions to these powerful features to effectively manage documents stored in Documentum by applying and providing extended document processing capabilities. The extension modules included in Documentum D2 +Pack provide a seamless approach for additional document processing capabilities to further enhance the management of your enterprise content.


Portable document format (PDF) is considered as the gold standard for capturing and reviewing information from almost any application or any computer system and provides a secure format of sharing a document with virtually anyone, anywhere. Enterprises in general use PDF since it is a trusted secure format for delivering content information. Thus, enterprises want an easy and seamless approach to process and manage content to these formats.

As part of Documentum D2 +Pack, D2 PDF Configuration (formally known as C2), users can take charge of their PDF documents and at the same time have the ability to apply watermarks, generate a table of contents, and create cover pages and signature pages to content prior to viewing, printing, or exporting the documents. Users can enable the security settings of PDF files that need to be managed and controlled. Document control, stamping, merging, and protection of PDF documents are all fully supported. Documentum D2 PDF Configuration offers the ability to manage and enhance documents by adding complementary components on PDF renditions such as:

Extra pages

Add one or several pages (cover or blank page) in PDF format at the beginning, the end, or after any given page of a document


Allows the additions of watermarks to all or part of the document; the watermark may be an image or a full text type


Enables layers to be overwritten in the document; for example, a header, a footer, or an image—such as a company logo—can be added to the document

Dynamic pages (covers, glossaries, e-signatures, etc)

Enables dynamic construction of pages, such as a signature page, that is added gradually over the course of a document’s lifecycle