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OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition

With the speed of modern business accelerating rapidly and an increasingly sophisticated workforce, the challenges around content management are quickly changing. Knowledge workers today are suffering from an overwhelming volume of electronic and paper-based content. To manage this overload, information workers are demanding simple and easy-to-use solutions that of actionable business information. In addition, today’s mobile workforce needs to be able to access this content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Despite the new working demands, many organizations still do not have the means to access collective information quickly and effectively. According to Gartner, Inc., employees spend between 30 and 40 percent of their time creating, searching for, retrieving, repurposing and organizing documents. In document intensive industries, the time spent looking for information seriously impacts the decision-making process, hindering organizational agility and limiting competitive advantage.

To help speed time-to-decision, ensure document accuracy, and simplify access to business-critical knowledge on an enterprise basis, organizations need a system that enables them to effectively and securely manage, organize and share documents.

Modern document management (DM) solutions must do more than just allow organizations to reduce the time and complexity associated with storing and organizing content. Being able to locate key pieces of information in the right context and at the right time helps organizations gain competitive advantage. Equally important, modern DM solutions should help compound the value of the ever growing body of cumulative knowledge, while ensuring a safe, secure and balanced approach to Information Governance. Lastly, a comprehensive solution must be capable of extending DM capabilities into the familiar content authoring and productivity tools that already exist in the current enter- prise, which will minimize training costs and encourage user adoption. Organizations that adopt a modern DM solution experience increased business agility, improved client response times, and a more productive workforce that securely manages and leverages content in context.

Solution Highlights

For End Users
  • Familiar browser and desktop interfaces—easy to learn and use
  • Integration with authoring and email productivity tools to easily create and leverage content
  • Powerful search capabilities to quickly and easily locate information
For Administrators
  • eDOCS DM enables rapid changes to its database structures and forms without the need for costly customizations, further minimizing IT overhead and maintenance efforts
  • With a capacity to support billions of objects, eDOCS DM can scale to meet your complete content management needs, whether they include plans for centralization or require a more distributed architecture 
  • Simplified maintenance utilities support centralized and delegated system management 
  • Administrators can create multiple profiles per library, which creates a context-sensitive user experience tailored to the divergent needs of user populations across the enterprise 
  • Rapid deployments and program updates without physically visiting workstations 

For Organizations

  • Critical decisions can be made faster with better access to more reliable information
  • Centralized repository minimizes IT costs, helps ensure document currency and reduces time spent looking for information